Benefits of Membership

  • Voting privileges at HTNB Annual General Meeting
  • Eligible for Provincial and Maritime Year End Awards
  • Allows you to compete in sanctioned and non- sanctioned HTNB events
  • Be a part of the enthusiastic community of riders and supporters
  • Engage with key learning opportunities in all three phases

Membership Fees

Type: Fee
Senior $20.00
Junior * $20.00
* Individuals are eligible to compete with a junior/youth competitive license until the end of the calendar year in which they reach the age of eighteen.

Mailing Address

Send completed HTNB Membership forms and cheques to HTNB Treasurer Suzanne Stevenson.

Mailing address and email address can be found on the form.

To complete form without printing, open in Adobe on computer (not in browser), fill in blanks, save and email to HTNB Treasurer.