What is LTED?

Equestrian Canada has created the Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED) program. It is an athlete development model built upon proven general sport principles and customized to equestrian athletes. It provides a clear and effective pathway for all equestrian athletes – regardless of age, experience, or discipline – to enjoy equestrian sport, whether they aim to compete for Canada on the world stage, or ride, drive or vault recreationally.

LTED is not only about building successful high-performance athletes, but also about ensuring the highest quality riding experience for every person engaged in equestrian sport, including riders with disabilities.

To learn more about the national LTED program, you can download the latest version here.

HTNB’s yearly LTED program:

Each year, HTNB collaborates with the New Brunswick Equestrian Association to design and deliver an Eventing LTED program aimed at identifying talented eventers ready to move up and/or deliver performance results. Note that NBEA also supports LTED programs in the disciplines of dressage and hunter/jumper.

The program and its funding change from year to year, though many core elements remain the same as the program aligns with EC’s LTED and Equestrian Pathway principles.

  • Riders work with certified coaches appropriate to their level
  • Riders commit to multiple training camps and sessions with the Team Coach, in addition to competitions
  • Riders plan their season with a yearly training plan and track their progress
  • Riders work toward EC Rider Levels and/or Canadian Pony Club (CPC) Ratings
  • Everyone works hard and sees results in the ring and in the field!

Where are you on the equestrian pathway?

The 2021 HTNB LTED program is happening now!
This year’s program is focused on our high performance riders who are at the Train to Train, Learn to Compete, or higher stages.

HTNB is committed to our developing riders!
Clinics with qualified coaches are regularly shared on our Facebook page, check it out for learning opportunities open to all levels

XC training: HTNB encourages riders to use current Equestrian Canada certified coaches on approved cross country training sites that are either Competition Coach Specialists in Eventing OR have documented success competing and coaching in eventing. If you are a coach or facility owner who would like to be on our approved list, please contact us.

HTNB approved XC coaches:
• Rob Stevenson(Certified Competition Coach Specialist – Eventing)
• Caroline Oja (Certified Competition Coach Specialist – Eventing)
• Lori Leach(Certified Competition Coach)
• Jennifer Hanson (Certified Competition Coach)
• Samantha Atkinson (Certified Competition Coach)
• Zoe Erichsen-Meesters (Certified Competition Coach)
• Reba Fournier (Certified Instructor)
• Suzanne Stevenson (Certified Instructor)
• Elizabeth Clark (Certified Instructor)

HTNB approved XC training sites – assessed by our approved coaches and/or EC Technical Delegate/Course Designer:
• Peekaboo Corner Eventing Facility – Norton, NB
• Foshay Farm – Jemseg, NB
• Brae Fearann Eventing & Equestrian Centre – Harvey, NB
• Hampton Riding Centre – Lakeside, NB