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Sarah MacQuarrie Scores at Napierville, PQ

Sarah MacQuarrie and Galena drove 12 hours to compete in the Training Division at the Napierville Horse Trials just south of Montreal. The event broke the Quebec record with 162 entries. Sarah and Gally had a good Dressage test that put them in 3rd place out of 40 or so horses. They "flew" around what is arguably one of the toughest Training courses looking like pros. the course was large and Gally likes it that way jumping very big on some of the fences. After cross country, they were in 1st place. One tough rail in Stadium and one fluke rail (I think her tail pulled it off flat cups) dropped them to 4th place, but an outstanding result on a tough course to be 4th out of 40. Olympian Ian Roberts was 6th place, so that made it a bit sweeter.

After the event, the Landrys generously allowed us to take Gally out on the course to school over the Prelim fences including the famous Napierville "mound" to a skinny. Gally ate that up, so then we did the Intermediate fence and she ate that up as well. A quick scool in the Prelim water which was a 20' one stride combination into the water with about a 4' drop, 60' to a bank, up the bank and 18' on top to a 2' high fence with another 4' drop into the water. Gally was a bit nervous (or maybe it was Sarah) but they went through the exercise three times in a row.

Great performance and further evidence that our Martime courses are preparing riders to compete Nationally. Way to go Sarah and Gally and entourage.

Submitted by Mike Gallagher.

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